Sugar Shack

My god lives here in the darkness, in the snow, in buckets of sap, the soul of the trees, flowing by the freeze and thaw of howling night and gentle day, like me, learning to flow with ice in my lungs and hot sugar crystals glazing my wind-ravaged cheeks. On split lips, I taste something elemental. Pine needles, cold. The sweat of the mountain. The proximity to the fire and boil that […]

The second boy who loved me

The second time a boy told me he loved me I was 13.“I love u,” my phone buzzed, my head buzzed, New feelings, no end.  “Love u 2,” I responded, deciding just then. Said perhaps because a reject’s a punch or that the words “Facebook official” gave me someone at lunch to sit near, knees touching, electrically aware.  And there, we held hands sometimes, […]

I’ll catch you

It’s only a mile down the road, you said, you were wrong, five miles later in that summer sun, turned around twice, footpaths veering downhill, that can’t be right, I’m sorry, you said,let’s try again– When we left the house that morning I’d asked what to wear– you said I’d be fine in that blue dress I liked so long it sweeps my feet, you were wrong, legs […]

A Year Ago

I called out of work sick again. Not sick really, but there are no words for feeling a danger signal where there is none. Dissatisfaction? Disquiet? An itchy paint plastered to my smile cracking in the corners like a sob. “What is it with you?” “It’s always something with you.” Poised on the threshold between coming and going inching toward the door inching toward the […]

Why did you ever think dead girls could fly?

You look like a bird with that down on your wings, pretty girl, but you’re too weak to fly,  so what did you hollow out your bones for?  Happy, pretty girls don’t burn holes  in their sharp, happy, pretty hips to break free from the skin they’re in.  Strong, happy girls don’t cry when they realize there are calories in toothpaste.  […]