The second boy who loved me

The second time a boy told me he loved me I was 13.“I love u,” my phone buzzed, my head buzzed, New feelings, no end.  “Love u 2,” I responded, deciding just then. Said perhaps because a reject’s a punch or that the words “Facebook official” gave me someone at lunch to sit near, knees touching, electrically aware.  And there, we held hands sometimes, […]

August Tenth

I didn’t care much for the sunset, right here, in the old churchyard with plums rotting at our feet. The pregnant trees bowed to us, sticky, alcoholic; a drunken, golden nest. Right here, perched on the edge of it all, I saw my life unfurled deliciously through the haze of that sweet summer syrup– the electricity of you–so alive, so green, your every heartbeat breathed me into […]