A Year Ago

I called out of work sick again. Not sick really, but there are no words for feeling a danger signal where there is none. Dissatisfaction? Disquiet? An itchy paint plastered to my smile cracking in the corners like a sob. “What is it with you?” “It’s always something with you.” Poised on the threshold between coming and going inching toward the door inching toward the […]


How can I be beautiful in the way fire is as it devours everything if I devour nothing? I am a whole woman built to consume built to expand built upon the backs and wombs of whole women who wrestle with invisible wounds and insecurities. I am the culmination of their fight for space and their bodies made from their bodies forged from stars so I devour. 

Why did you ever think dead girls could fly?

You look like a bird with that down on your wings, pretty girl, but you’re too weak to fly,  so what did you hollow out your bones for?  Happy, pretty girls don’t burn holes  in their sharp, happy, pretty hips to break free from the skin they’re in.  Strong, happy girls don’t cry when they realize there are calories in toothpaste.  […]